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Erratum: There are some minor mistakes in the current final report of OffshoreGrid. If you have a printed version published on 5 October 2011, please download the erratum: [Erratum, pdf]. This erratum also holds for the current online version. However the online version will be corrected unitl October 17 2011.

The Consortium

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The Project

OffshoreGrid is a techno-economic study within the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. It will develop a scientifically based view on an offshore grid in Northern Europe along with a suited regulatory framework considering technical, economic, policy and regulatory aspects. The project is targeted for European policy makers, industry, transmission system operators and regulators. The geographical scope is, first, the regions around the Baltic and North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea. In a second phase, the results will be applied to the Mediterranean region in qualitative terms.