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13 October, North Sea Countries Offshore Grid Initative - Working Group 1, Brussels Belgium

Presentation of the final OffshoreGrid results

5 October, OffshoreGrid Final Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

Presentation of the final results
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13 April, EWEA 2011, Brussels, Belgium

Presentation at conference

16 March, EC Workshop on Offshore Electricity Projects, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop presentation


24 November, EWEA Grids Conference, Berlin, Germany

Conference presentation

25-30 September, World Renewable Energy Congress XI, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Review of the various proposals for the European Offshore Grid
[paper] [presentation]

24 September, EC Workshop on Funded Projects, Brussels, Belgium 

Workshop presentation

15 September, EUFORES Dinner Debate, Brussels, Belgium

Discussion teaser

27 July, IEEE PES General Meeting, Minneapolis, US

[conference paper] [presentation]

28 May, High Level Conference on European Energy Infrastructure, Madrid, Spain

OffshoreGrid: Objectives, Approach and First Results

22 April, EWEC 2010, Warsaw, Poland



14-16 October, 8th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Farms, Bremen, Germany

The IEE Project OffshoreGrid: Objectives, Approach and First Results, Oral Presentation
[ paper ]

15 September, European Offshore Wind Conference 2009 (EOW2009), Stockholm, Sweden

OffshoreGrid: Objectives, Approach and First Results, European Offshore Wind 2009
[ paper ][ poster ]

30 June, G. W. Adamowitsch Working Group, Brussels, Belgium

Mr. Adamowitsch is the European co-ordinator for the connection of offshore wind power in Northern Europe. Achim Woyte presented the IEE OffshoreGrid project to the working group meeting
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28 May, European Energy Markets Conference 2009 (EEM'09), Leuven, Belgium

The North Sea Offshore Grid: How to Develop a Strategic Vision
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27 May, Offshore Wind and Transmission Forum, Brussels, Belgium

The IEE Offshore Grid Project: Developing Offshore Grid Design Strategies for Northern Europe
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